A Furiously Rad Read.

November 17th, 2017

Only a few months after my own sexual assault, I was desperate for stories from others – relatable stories from my fellow survivors. Fury, by xx was given to me by my month. Fury is an epic collection of fifteen stories by fifteen incredible ladies, from domestic violence, sexual assault to political activists. I loved this book as it twist and turned from stories that each ignited a fury from within, not a hot, nasty one but a positively geared one – that created a feeling of a coming together, a community, a nest.

Fury focuses on survivors of violence, and opens the doors to the pathway we can take to end it. As one of the voices in this book, Jill Filipovic puts it beautifully – Sharing our experiences without anyone else’s approval or endorsement is what initially brought men’s violence against women out of the shadows. Continuing to speak the truth is what keeps the light on.

To that I say, AMEN! Read more of a review on this book here.

Meg x