• Where can I go to get help?

    If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call 000

    Check out the 'Help' section in the top right corner of this page. We have a nationwide list of recommended organisations that you can call. They are set up to help and educate survivors.

    If you would like to talk to a mental health professional, but don’t think you can afford it, don’t worry! You can hit up your local General Practitioner for a free referral to one. Just ask for a Mental Health Treatment Plan and they can help you find someone to talk to at little or no cost.

    We’ve also pulled together a bunch of online resources that we think may be useful to survivors and their journey. These range from suggested books and podcasts to other groups and professionals who may be able to help. Click on our E-Resources or you can also have a flick through our Blog.

    If you take comfort in knowing you are not alone, in the 'Shared Stories' section of this site we have a collection of inspirational stories from survivors themselves. Have a read through them and If you’re feeling brave, you can share one yourself!

  • Where can I find a good psychologist?

    Finding the right person to talk to is often a journey in itself, but don’t be disheartened if you hit some bumps along the way.

    A good way to start is to book an appointment with your local GP and ask for a Mental Health Treatment Plan. This is a free service and can help put you in touch with someone that could help.

    Make sure you keep an open mind when visiting a mental health professional for the first time, it can be a big step but it’s an important one. Be sure you find someone who you like and feel comfortable around, if you don’t feel this way then be sure to go back to your GP and ask for another referral to someone else.

  • Are there any support groups I can join?

    Unfortunately there are no support groups currently that FemFound is aware of, however we are working hard and hopefully we will be able to provide survivors with creative support groups in the near future.

    Please stay in touch with us by showing your interest in a colour throwing session on our Events page. Feel free to share your thoughts on what you would like to get out of a support group, your interest will help us show it’s needed!

    Another option if you have the ability to pay for it, is a Group Therapy session. These are held at some trauma and psychiatry centres around Australia. One in particular which we are aware of is The Birchtree Centre in Sydney - www.birchtreecentre.com.au

  • What about Male Survivors?

    Males are affected by crimes of rape and sexual assault too. They are known to have much lower reporting rates than women, and suffer severe social stigmas.

    These experiences are not female specific, although here at FemFound, we only know of the female experience first hand. We don’t assume to know what the journey is like for a male survivor.

    We strongly believe that the services we offer should be provided for men, by male survivors with the unique insight into what they need. FemFound would never want to turn anyone away, but we also understand the delicate nature of this sex based crime and would want all participants at support groups to feel safe.

  • Are there any books I can read?

    There are many different outlets that can help you cope with sexual assault, reading is one of them! There is A LOT of literature out there, but we’ve collected some we think are worth a look. You can find them in one of our E-Resources!

    Not all books suit all survivors, some may respond to a self help book while others may enjoy page after page of poetry. Whatever words you choose, there are some just for you and they can help you piece yourself back together.

  • Is FemFound a Charity? Can I claim on my donations?

    Yes! We are! FemFound has been recognised by the ACNC and was certified on August 4th 2017.

    As we are a registered Charity, yes, you can claim any donation made to us. Be sure to include all receipts and invoices received from FemFound when purchasing a FemFound product or donating, and lodge in your next Tax Return.

  • How do I reach Meg and Millie to offer my time and to volunteer?

    Flick us a hello email over at supporter@femfound.com

  • How can I help my loved one?

    Every survivor has a different journey to travel to recovery, so naturally every individual requires help that is unique to their own story. As a family member or a friend of a survivor, it is important to be present and to listen without judgement.

    You can refer to our Blog, and Shared Stories page for inspiration and insight into other survivor journeys. We also have a collection of E-resources available that you are welcome to download; from podcasts, to educational articles and personal interviews.

  • How can I help myself and my family?

    It is important to remember that everybody's experience is unique to them and the journey of the individual. How we put ourselves back together after rape and assault is not a ‘one size fits all’. But don’t be disheartened, your chosen path to recovery is out there you just need to find what suits you.

    Always remember to listen and talk with one another, look into our support groups when they are up and running, keep up to date with this on our Events page. In the meantime have a look at the ‘Help’ section in the top righthand corner of this page, our Blog and E-Resources.

    However you choose to seek help, either for yourself or a loved one, take comfort knowing there are resources out there!

  • If I donate, what does my money go towards?

    It goes towards helping FemFound grow. We have big dreams about the type of support we want to offer, and with your help we truly believe we can make a significant difference to the life of a Survivor.

    Help us raise awareness and positive recovery solutions for survivors.

  • If I purchase something from the site how long is shipping and when will I get my order?

    7 - 14 days (as long as in stock) and shipping is $10.
    Please also check out our Terms & Conditions.

Further questions?

Here at FemFound, we strive to help as much as possible but we don’t assume to make hard decisions for you. If you are feeling vulnerable or are in a dangerous situation, please do not hesitate to contact the local authorities or any of the contacts we have listed in our help section. Currently FemFound is not an immediate recovery resource, we do hope to become more so in the future.

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