Do you know and love a survivor?


Are in search of ways to best support your loved one in their time of need? FemFound is here to help you gain understanding, knowledge and insight into useful ways to not just be there for your survivor but how to also help yourself during this time.

FemFound is not just a service and a support for survivors of sexual assault, but also a resource for friends, families and loved ones. Visit FAQ’s for answers, check out our events page for dates of support groups and access our resources, blogs and links to other useful sites to gain a broader understanding of just how to walk down this otherwise unknown and often overwhelming road.

How can I help?

If you would like to help FemFound in some way, we’d love you to!

You can spread the word and tell the people in your community about who we are and what we do.

You could wear some groovy FemFound merch to show your support,  or donate via our donations portal.

But most importantly, send your survivor in the direction of FemFound support groups. We’d love to meet them, give them a hug, a cup of tea and some colour to splash!

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Useful Links

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We are taking our time to be sure these are great.

Watch this space!

Rape Sucks, but the conversations about it don’t have to.

Rape Bites


Would you like to talk to someone?
If you need immediate help, or are in danger, call 000