FemFound is a safe place
for conversation, creation
and education.

FemFound is an NGO founded by Meg & Millie with the aim of improving life after rape. It will fill the gap that currently exists in rape recovery and reclamation for survivors of sexual assault.

The foundation wants to empower survivors by providing them with a positive community and a creative process to explore and work through their trauma.

Our Vision: Her Right

A world without rape, and an empowered community of rape survivors.


Our Mission: Her Journey

Improving the resources and support available for sexual assault and rape survivors. FemFound offers creative support groups, provides access to safe and trusted communication channels, increases public awareness about sexual assault, and fosters a more positively geared dialogue.

What We Believe

FemFound is built on ideas of empowerment, positivity, creativity and community. We believe that rape recovery should not be the lonely and terrifying process it currently is. We see value in sharing survivors’ journeys and in providing survivors with opportunities to recover from trauma through more creative, accessible and positively-geared resources.

In our society, we really don’t know how to talk about rape. Many survivors experience victim-blaming and feelings of shame when discussing their experience,  which makes them feel isolated and alone. This isolation makes the rocky road to recovery even harder.


We believe in the strength and ability of survivors to recover from trauma and sexual assault.

Given the chance to hear stories of hope and triumph, having the comfort of knowing they are not alone, and being freed from the burden of social stigmas – survivors are free to flourish in their recovery.



Who we are – survivors

We are Meg & Millie, and together we are the Fem-Founders. As survivors of rape, we both see a serious need for a service that improves on the resources and support currently available.

“You are and always will be a full, whole, beautiful and soulful person. You are not alone, and with an open heart and a bit of time it gets better.”   Meg

“Your wound can become your weapon. Let’s start sharing stories of strength and hope, let’s represent the survivor, in all her colour and glory”  – Millie

What made us pozible?

It’s wonderful people like you that have made FemFound possible!

In July 2016, we took a risk and launched a crowdfunding video using the platform Pozible. Without much to show and with our hearts on our sleeves we asked for $15,000, and within one month we reached our target!

The overwhelming support of those special people who donated to our cause is something we will never forget and we thank them eternally.

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Let’s do something about it.

#rapehappens is a positive and inspirational social media movement

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