You Must Never Allow The Enemy, To Determine The Grounds For Battle.

November 17th, 2017

Justice: The maintenance of what is right

Activist  Ione Wells believes that, sometimes, not reacting instantly is the best immediate course of action we can take. Like many of us survivors, particularly those over here at FemFound, Ione Wells took some seriously positively awe-inspiring action against Sexual Assault by started a campaign  #NotGuilty, after her own horrific experience. In this powerful  TED Talk, Wells takes us to the ever growing platform of social media. She focuses on how we can use it and our language to educate others. Using stimulating dialogues that encourage those in positions of authority; aware of an issue by listening to those (survivors) directly affected by it.

Wells, just like us Fem-Founders believe that open discussions help reduce stigmas around rape. HOWEVER, it’s in the language we use, the approach that we take that measures our success in change. Wells tells us all “LET’S START GIVING CONSIDERED RESPONSES”, and I for one am on board with this thought and put it to you, to think about this the next time you are scrolling over Instagram and you see something that ignites your fury. We’ve all been #guilty of this before; by reacting to an injustice, only to forget about it the next day, just because Twitter has moved on.

In this wonderful talk, Wells puts it out there that when we are next feeling more or less underwhelmed by the state of our world’s current affairs; why don’t we first ask ourselves two questions. First being, Why do I feel this injustice? and secondly, How, in recognizing these reasons could I go in reversing this injustice? These are both interesting and positive thoughts to pose, and the legends over at #NotGuilty, take the same approach as us Fem-Founders in use of language and taking social media platforms as launch pads to start a positive conversation around a topic not so taboo no more.

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